The main reason it is recommended to clean your solar panels on a regular schedule (every 12-24 months) is that it will keep them running efficiently giving you the maximum output of electricity = more money back to you !! 

There are many seals and wiring that benefit from regular cleaning and inspection. History has shown us that Solar Panels can quite easily become a “home away from home” for bird life, possums etc. This often creates a scenario of what can nicely be called ‘bushfire-litter’ that is built up under & around your solar panel arrays, without you even knowing they are there… as a complimentary service Coastal Solar Kleen will ALWAYS inspect your solar panel arrays before, during & after our clean to ensure that no ‘nasties’ are left in place.

Keeping the panel glass clean stops abrasion occurring which over time causes the glass to become cloudy and less efficient.

Bush fire ash and soot from wood burning heaters also are also a key contributor to build up on the panel.

How often should you clean?

In Germany, solar technology has been utilised for a lot longer than here in Australia. German solar panel installers advise you should have your solar panels cleaned by a professional solar panel cleaning service every 6 months in rural and coastal areas and every 6-12 months in urban areas.

Generally, Solar Panel manufacturers have worded into their guarantees that Solar Panels should be cleaned & maintained regularly.  For the minimal cost of having your Solar Panels cleaned & maintained, you will ensure that in the future you have no outstanding issues should it come to you having to claim repairs under warranty.

Coastal areas have exposure to harsher contaminants such as salt spray, migratory birds and more wind movement than inland areas, for this reason you may consider a shorter frequency between cleans. That decision is ALWAYS up to you !!



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