Solar Panel cleaning costs vary according to the installation size, access and frequency of cleaning…. We can provide a Solar Panel cleaning price estimate if you are on the Central Coast based on the installation size, but it helps at quoting if you can send a picture of the location and panels which will enable us to give an accurate fixed Solar Panel cleaning price.  

Needless to say that if we’re at the computer when you phone we can look your home up on Google Maps/Earth and give you a relatively accurate price over the phone based on the online information available…

Each quote we provide for Solar Panel cleaning is unique to your property. Our cleaning services start from $99.00. If you have less than 10 panels our prices are adjusted to suit and can start from as little as $69.00 !! 

Our Solar Panel cleaning prices do not outweigh the financial rewards that Solar Panel cleaning will bring. Typically, the money you spend on solar panel cleaning will give you at least a 110% return and that’s why you should keep solar panels clean.

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