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Lets face it, you’ve spent a considerable amount of money on one of the biggest investments you might ever make on your home… If you’re solar panels resemble the following examples in any way, they probably just need a really good professional clean !!

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Coastal Solar Kleen is an independent family owned business focused on Solar Panel, Glass Pool Fence & Pressure Cleaning for residential, commercial and public infrastructure.
Our core business is solar panel cleaning which we believe is a very important way to maximise the return on your investment by keeping your solar system working to it’s full potential.


Anthony is a qualified solar panel cleaner with the correct harness and safety equipment for working at heights. The business is also Fully Insured (Public Liability) up to a maximum of $ 20 million dollars & fully Police Checked for your security....


Our prices range from as little as from $49.00 to clean a 2-panel Solar Hot Water System and from as little as $99 to clean your solar array, at ‘ground level’. So as you can see this is probably one of the most economical jobs to have done at your home…
Where we need to go higher, a heights levy will apply.

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Anthony George

Anthony George


Central Coast NSW based Solar Panel Cleaning company Managing Director.

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